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What are minigames?

Minigames are a serious of fun, exciting, and rewarding free games where the player can exchange the tickets he earns for a chance to win big prizes.

List of available minigames on

How do I earn minigames tickets?

There are many ways for players to earn minigame tickets, here we will mention some of them:

  • Level up: Every time you level up you will earn 1 minigame ticket.

  • Playing slots: For every spin on slots with a bet of 0.2$ or more, you have the chance to earn 1 minigame ticket.

  • Codes: Codes given by admins may contain minigame tickets.

  • Giveaways: Admins have the ability to giveaway minigame tickets to players.

  • Trivia: Answer correctly a trivia question to win a ticket.

And that is not all, the list on how to earn minigame tickets will keep on increasing and updating.

Where can I find those minigame tickets?

You can access the minigames from the following location:

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