Prize Wheel

A guide on how to exchange a ticket to play the prize wheel minigame.

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What is the Prize Wheel?

Prize wheel has been around since ever, it has many variations, many ideas, different prizes, but it's always the same logic, spin and win, the wheel will spin until it reaches a stop, the arrow will point to the winning section, where ever the arrow stops on, you win that prize.

How can I spin the Prize wheel?

Step 1. Obtain Tickets.

You need to exchange 1 ticket for 1 spin on the wheel, tickets can be obtained from different situations, such as Leveling, Spinning slots, and more. we went through

in the minigame article on how to earn tickets.

Step 2. Select Volatility

Once you have tickets open the prize wheel from the VIP rewards modal.

The current game has 3 volatility option:

  • Low volatility

  • Medium volatility

  • High volatility

The concept about volatilities is that the lower you go, you have better chances to win more consistent prizes with lower value. While going for a higher volatility option you have the chance to spin for a higher prize. Basically higher volatility tend to be all or nothing (nothing means tiny win), at chips it's never nothing .

Step 3. Exchange Tickets for Spins.

Once you have a prize wheel loaded, Click on the SPIN button to win a prize.

Prize Boost.

As a special promotion, prize wheels has an automatic VIP prize boost for each tier. For example all Flipper VIP players earn 1x the prizes on the wheel, while Collector VIP players will earn 2x the prize.

A list of Prize Boosts can be found below:


Prize Boost:











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