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VIP weekly bonus
VIP weekly bonus

An article describing the VIP weekly bonus, How much will you receive? Where to claim?

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What is the weekly bonus?

A weekly bonus is one more way to reward our VIP players. Players at rank Flipper I will unlock the weekly bonus, with each higher tier you will receive a higher weekly bonus from the tier before it.

When is the weekly bonus?

The first weekly bonus will be available to all players with Flipper I tier or higher on Saturday 05/14/2022 - 15:00 UTC .

After that it will be every seven days (Saturday) at the same time.

How much do I receive every week?

All players that are Flipper I or above will receive the weekly bonus, however the value will differ between a player and another depending on many factors:

  • Player's tier.

  • Player's gameplay during the week.

There is a minimum amount that the player will receive, in addition to a bonus amount that is calculated based on the gameplay. We can not share exact details how that is calculated, but your wager amount makes a huge difference in the bonus value.

For example two players, both at Flipper I may receive different values. Player 1 received 1$, he did not wager at all during the week, while Player 2 receives 10$, he has been wagering all week. The example above just shows the difference between players of the same tier, however the values used for the example are pure hypothetical.

For the reasons above it is impossible to say what will you receive in the upcoming weekly bonus before it is paid out, and we believe that rewards are more enjoyable when they are a surprise.

How do I claim the weekly bonus?

Step 1.

Once the weekly bonus is available you will be able to claim it from your inbox. Click on one of the images below to be redirected to the inbox.

  • You can access the inbox from the VIP rewards modal:

  • Or from your Profile / Rewards / Inbox:

Step 2.

Select the currency of choice and claim the bonus.

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