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Slot mining bonus
Slot mining bonus

A quick explanation about what the perk slot mining bonus is.

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What is slot mining bonus?

Players from tier Flipper 2 and onwards, will unlock a mining bonus on slots, starting at 25% mining bonus for tier Flipper 2 & gradually increase while you tier up to reach a huge 350% mining bonus for highest tier.

Mining is the term we use for players earning CHIP tokens, whenever a new token is rewarded to the player, he is considered to have mined 1 token.

Thus the term "Mining bonus", players while playing on slots with a mining boost will earn more CHIP tokens during their gameplay.

For example if you are Flipper 2 tier, and the wager to mine 1 CHIP token is 100$, you will receive 1.25 CHIP tokens for your wager instead of 1, being 0.25 (25%) more.

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