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VIP Instant Bonus
VIP Instant Bonus

An article about the VIP instant bonus you will receive when you tier up, rank, level, reward.

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What is VIP Instant Bonus?

VIP instant bonus is a cash/crypto reward that you will receive whenever you reach a new tier.
For example if you tier from Flipper 1 to Flipper 2, or Unranked to Flipper 1, or any other tier a bonus will be available for you to claim within 24 hours before it expires.

How much will I receive?

Each tier bonus will be higher then the previous one, for example when you reach Flipper 2 you will receive more then you did at Flipper 1, and the higher you tier up the bigger the prize gets.

The amount isn't available before you reach the tier.

Where can I claim it?

When you tier up you will receive a notification where you can claim the bonus in the currency of choice.

Claim from Notification:

  1. Click on the notification icon

  2. Click on "Claim Bonus"

  3. Select currency

  4. Click on "Claim Bonus"

  5. Confirm.

Claim from inbox:

If you can not find the notification, you can locate your bonus in the inbox, you can access it from Profile / Rewards / Inbox, Click on the button bellow to be redirected.

The inbox will contain all information about your rewards activity, you can filter the results to show only the tier up bonus by selecting the option vip:bonus:tier from the dropdown.

You will have 24 hours to claim their tier up bonus before it expires.

Note that "Expired" means that the bonus is not available, that can be because it was already claimed, or the time expired.

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