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An article talking about bonus reloads from claim codes. How do they work, when to claim and more.

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What is a reload?

A reload is a cash bonus given to the player, what differentiate it from crediting normal funds is that reloads can have its own set of rules.

For example if an admin wanted to reward you with a 1000$, in normal funds credited you will have 1000$ credited to you in USDT, USDC, BTC, or what ever currency that is of yours or his choice.

However what makes reloads special is the mechanism that it works in:

  1. Reloads need to be claimed

  2. Reloads can be claimed in any currency you choose

  3. Reloads can be granted over different periods and different amounts, for example a player may be granted a 1000$ reload, but the conditions might be that he can claim 100$ every day for 10 days. We will go deeper about this below.

Bonus Reloads :

This is a reload claimed by the player via a promo code. may give promo codes in giveaways, email promotions, advertisements promotions, or simply giving away codes for no reason.

Codes can claim many things, depending on the decision of the code creator, but one of the things that a code may contain is a reload.

Once the code is claimed the reload is available in your account and you will need to personally claim every reload.

Where to claim the reload?

Once a manager has credited you a reload or you claimed one via promo code, then its time to start claiming it.

The reload section can be accessible via the VIP Rewards modal, note that if there is no active reload you will not have access to this page, and the option to open it will not even show in your browser.

Inside the reload page this is what you will see:

  1. Option to select currency

  2. Claim button

  3. Reload Expires date

If you haven't been told, you won't be able to know how much is the total reload, how much is each claim, and how much is the interval between each claim.

However after your first claim, you will see the amount of funds credited to you, and the claim button will turn into a timer for the interval between each claim, counting down to the next claim to be available.

Important thing to notice is that claims do not stack, for example if you were claiming 1000$ reload, 100$ every day for 10 days. If you do not claim the 100$ during one day, then that claim will expire and your reload will end being short of 100$. So always make sure to claim your reload before the time assigned for it expires.

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