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Currency Swap
Currency Swap

An article about the swap features, exchange, how to use and how not to use.

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What is Swap?

Swap is a simple feature that allows you to exchange one currency into another one. offer a selected of currencies in which you can swap between, a fee is charged on using the service.

Where can I find the swap feature?

Swap can be found inside the cashier, or you can go there by clicking on the button below:

How can I swap?

For our swap feature we use a familiar design that you had probably seen in most DeFi products, the process is straight forward, all you need to do is:

  1. Select Currency 1 (Swap from)

  2. Enter amount of Currency 1

  3. Select Currency 2 (Swap to)

  4. Enter amount of Currency 2

  5. Click "Swap Currencies"

Read the confirmation modal and click on "Confirm" if everything is correct.

In the modal above you will see that you will be exchanging 100 TRX to 5.274 BUSD.

The process is:

  • Swap from: 100 TRX

  • Swap to: 7.745 BUSD

  • Swap fee: 0.387 BUSD

  • Receive: 7.358 BUSD

The swap fee is lower for higher VIP tiers.

Important to know that is not an exchange, and this feature should be used by players only, it is not allowed to register, deposit, swap, and withdraw on with the intention of swapping currency only. Doing so may lead to the lock of your account.

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